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ZPUH Janusz Kiedrowski is a company founded in 1988 in Bysław, Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship. It is a private company with single ownership. In 2002 company acquire Swedish partner - ILAB Container AB which distributes its products to whole Scandinavia.
For over 20 years has grown rapidly by increasing variety of products to Polish and foreign markets. The company has several regular customers in Poland and abroad.

Janusz Kiedrowski Total surface of facility is over 500002, total surface of production halls is over 10000m2.

Staff and inventory

ZPUH Janusz Kiedrowski is company, which employ over 420 persons. The employment structure is:

The company using modern technologies, by which we can provide you the highest quality of products. For years, we have trying, that our products meet requirements our customers. We use advanced software to 3D-projecting - Autodesk Inventor 11. For proper workflow, we use ERP class system powered by high-efficient server.
Our welders use modern equimpent, which improves production of containers. On 2011 the company equip brand-new hall in the most modern CNC machines to bending, cutting and welding steel construction, which allow to obtain the highest quality of products. We have modern painting cabins, of total surface over 3000m2 with modern filter systems, meet harsh requirement of environment protection.
We also have high-quality blast hall.
The company has also have over 15 trucks, which allow us to quick deliver our products direct to our customers in Poland and abroad.

Products quality

Our containers are made of from the highest quality steel from famous Swedish company SSAB (Hardox, Domex). For paintings we use high-quality anti-corrosive paints from Teknos. All of the containers are blasted before paintins, which provide high quality of paint coating. All products have CE certificate.
ISO 9001:2008 quality system and experienced staff confirmed the highest standards of production.

Future and plans

The future of company is bright. We plan to build brand-new hall with 3000m2 production are. This could improve the capacity even more!


ZPUH Janusz Kiedrowski has international range. We export over 90% of our containers. Most of them - 75% are exported to Scandinavian countries trough our main partner - ILAB Container AB. 15% of our production are spread through our west border - to Germany, Belgium.
Our biggest clients are:

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