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Welcome to ZPUH JK Miłosz Kiedrowski website

ZPUH JK Miłosz Kiedrowski is a company that produces more than 9,500 containers per year, of which over 55% for export to Scandinavian countries and about 35% for German market. Domestic market have 10% of production. Highest quality of our products and the staff are qualified and have brought us masses of customers in Poland and abroad.

We're producing over 70 models of containers in over 200 types, mostly on export. For domestic customers we offer seven types of containers in many different variants that are sure to satisfy our customers: LV - our biggest containers, COMPACTORS, KP, SKIP (MULDA), DUMP TYPE (KOŁYSKI), BELL TYPE (DZWONY), PA-1100, We invite you to check our offer in PRODUCTS section.

In the ABOUT US section you will learn more about our company, and in CONTACT section - contact information, along with a contact form.

Movie from production:

The investments in ZPUH JK Miłosz Kiedrowski company are made with the support from EU
Regionalny Program Operacyjny Województwa Kujawsko-Pomorskiego

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